Sunday, February 23, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 8

What's going on in 4A

  • This week we will have Galileo Testing on Wednesday, February 26 for math and Thursday, February 27 for ELA. Please make sure your students are well rested and eat a healthy breakfast on these days! 
  • I have implemented a rewards drawing in our class where students have the opportunity to win things like eating a snack during class, sit anywhere for the rest of the day, and 5 minutes extra recess. One reward that you may notice or hear about is a homework pass. These are signed by me when given out, and students are able to use them on a homework assignment of their choice. They cannot be used on things like study guides or poetry recitations. Let me know if you have any questions. 
Roots: We will have a larger roots check this week in preparation for the cumulative test coming in week 9. This week students will have a check over the 4 new roots learned last week, as well as 11 older roots, for a total of 15 words. Students should be reviewing their roots cards for a few minutes each night. 

Writing: Students will have get to work on various creative writing exercises this week in lieu of writing a three paragraph essay. We will not have a writing workshop day this week. I am very pleased with the growth our students have shown in their writing skills over the past few weeks!

Math: Students will test over rounding on Monday. Monday night students will have a cumulative review for homework, and we will have a cumulative review test on Tuesday. We will not have math on Wednesday (since students will be taking the Galileo math test). We will begin learning how to add and subtract decimals on Thursday. 

Spalding: Monday: conference, conferred, confer, Wednesday, really, real, celebration, folks, folk, aches, ache, amusement, angrily, angry, anger Tuesday: approval, approve, available, avoid, banana, biscuits, bottle, bottom, bruised, bruise, changeable, change, chapter, chimney

Poetry: This is the last week students have to memorize their stanza of Paul Revere's Ride. Half of the class will recite the poem on Monday, March 2 and the rest will recite on Tuesday, March 3rd. 

Science: There will be a geology test on Monday! Next we will begin a broad science review in preparation for the AIMES science testing during quarter 4. 

History: There will be a Revolutionary War test on Tuesday. We will continue learning about American Revolution this week. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 7

Hello Families! 

I sure missed our Great Hearts Day celebrations on Friday! I am so thankful for parents that helped Mrs. Baugh with our class party and helped our kiddos have a great day! I spent the day caring for my daughter who was sick with strep throat. I am looking forward to getting back in the classroom with your scholars this week!

Roots: We will have a roots check over #65, 66. & 67, along with 2 review roots. We will learn 3 new roots this week. Student should be reviewing their roots regularly in preparation for the cumulative review quiz at the end of this quarter.

Writing: We will be having another writing workshop on Thursday. This gives the students practice working through the writing process beginning to end in one day.

Math: We will review hundredths on Tuesday, and test over that material Wednesday. After that we will continue learning about decimals by learning about the thousandths place.

Poetry: Students should be practicing their stanza of Paul Revere's Ride. They will recite this during week 9.

Spalding: Tuesday: estimate, accident, invitation, invite, accept, except, impossible, concern, automobile, association, associate, various, vary, very. Wednesday: decision, decide, entitle, political, national, nation, recent, business, busy, refer, minute, minute, ought, absence, absent. We will test over these 29 words on Friday.

Science: Students will be finishing up the geology unit this week by learning about soil and beginning to fill out the study guide for the upcoming test. 

History: This week students will be learning about how the colonies were preparing for war, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Declaration of Independence. Students will begin filling out the study guide for the upcoming test. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 6

Hello Families!

I hope you all enjoyed the 3-day weekend! Here's a look at what we have going on in week 6!

What's going on in 4A:
  • This Friday, February 14th we will be celebrating Great Hearts Day. We have reserved this special day as a day to focus on the virtue of friendship and celebrate the traits that make a great-hearted student. We are planning interactive and fun activities centered around these topics. Archway Arete strives to cultivate a rich academic environment rooted in the classical tradition. Many times this requires popular culture be left at the door. On that note, students will not be permitted to bring in store bought valentines, candy, or gifts to school. Thank you for partnering with us. 
  • You can sign up here to help with our Great Hearts Day party by volunteering or sending in supplies. 
  • As always, dates given in this update are approximate and subject to change. Sometimes students grasp material quicker than I anticipate, and the dates are moved up, or we need more time to practice and learn, so the dates are moved back. The information in your students planner will be the most accurate and up to date. Feel free to email if you have any questions. 

Roots: There will be a comprehension check on roots #62-64 Monday. This week we will learn three new roots.

Writing: We will hold a writing workshop on Thursday. Starting first thing in the morning, the students will spend the entire day working on their writing project. We will start at the beginning, by reading the articles, and work through the entire process until they type their final draft. The only other subject we will have on Thursday will be math. We will not have an ELA block on the other days this week. 

Math: This week students will start learning about decimals! We will start with tenths, and continue to hundredths by the end of the week. There will be a test on tenths on Wednesday.

Poetry: Students should continue to work on memorizing their stanza of Paul Revere's Ride. We will recite these the week of March 2, week 9. 

Spalding: Students will learn 15 words Monday: solution, source, speech, steak, successful, tails, tales, tear, tear, telephone, throughout, traffic, United States, unite, unit; and 15 words Tuesday: valuable, value, wore, worn, circular, circle, argument, argue, volume, organize. We will review the words on Wednesday. There will be no Spalding on Thursday, and we will test on Friday. 

Science: Students will learn about mountains and rocks. On Tuesday students will take a life science review quiz. 

History: Students will take the unit test Monday. This unit begins with the early colonists and covers up to the Boston Tea Party. Next, students will learn about how the colonies resisted the Intolerable Acts and how the Revolutionary War began. We will read Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death" speech.

Literature: We will continue reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. We have had many students without books. Please remind your child to bring their book in. If your child does not have a book, please let me know and I can check one out of the library for them. 

Important Dates
Monday: history test, roots check
Wednesday: math test
Thursday: Writing Workshop
Friday: Spalding test, Great Hearts Day

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 5

Hello Families! 

What a fun week we had! On Thursday afternoon we were able to go out and explode some volcanoes! The students had so much fun! They had freedom repeat the experiment multiple times and to see what would happen if they varied the amount of baking soda or vinegar, or see how adding dish soap would change it. 

Image preview

Friday we represented Thebes in Arete's Field Day! Thank you so much to our parent volunteers who came out to cheer us on and those of you who sent in snacks and drinks. Our class played their hearts out, and we came in second place! They cheered as I hung that silver crown up in our classroom. I was so proud of them and I think they felt proud of themselves as well. What a great way to end the week! 

What's going on in 4A
There is no school this Friday, February 7. 

Roots: Students will take a roots check over the 4 roots learned last week, as well as 2 older roots. Students will learn 3 new roots this week. 

Writing: Students will be peer editing the rough drafts of their writing projects and typing their final drafts. We will continue our focus on writing three paragraph essays throughout this quarter in preparation for the upcoming AZ Merit tests. 

Math: This week students will study area and perimeter. We will learn about area on Monday, perimeter on Tuesday, and test over both concepts on Wednesday. Students will work on Khan Academy on Thursday. 

Poetry: Last week students were assigned their stanza of Paul Revere's Ride to memorize. We will be reciting this the week of March 2nd. Please encourage your child to spend 5 minutes practicing each night. This may count towards their 20 minutes of nightly reading. 

Spalding: Monday's words are: group, health, listened, listen, nickel, niece, northern, southern, eastern, western, poet, poetic, poetry, poem. Tuesday's words are: potatoes, potato, pressure, produce, product, purchased, purchse, quarrel, radio, recess, saucer, secret, similar, sleigh, society, social. We will review all 30 words on Wednesday and test on Thursday. 

History: This week students will learn about the Townshend Act and the Boston Tea Party. Students will fill out their study guides and will have the unit test next week. 

Science: Students will complete the study guide in class on Monday, and will have the geology test on Wednesday. The weekly notebook pages are: p. 215, p.221, p.222, & p.224.

Literature: We will continue reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. 

Important Dates
Wednesday: Science Test (geology), Math Test (area and perimeter)
Thursday: Spalding Test

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 4

Hello Families! 

We had so much fun on our field trip last week! A HUGE thank you to all our parent volunteers and chaperones that made this trip such a success! We couldn't do it without YOU! 

What's going on in 4A
  • Athletic Field Day is this Friday from 12-2:30! Please see the previous post for details, and let me know if you have any questions. We need some snacks donated, as well as some parent volunteers to help keep track of the students and cheer us on! You can sign up HERE
  • If you would like to volunteer to help Coach Gethings and help at one of the game sections you can do that HERE
Roots: Students should not only be reviewing the new roots, but also be reviewing a handful of the previous roots. Going forward, with each week's comprehension check over the new roots, 2 previously learned roots will be included at random. This should help the students prepare for the comprehensive roots quiz at the end of the quarter. 

Math: This week we will start by reviewing circles. The test on circles will be Tuesday. We will then learn about solid figures- cube, rectangular prism, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, cylinder, & sphere. The test on solid figures will be on Friday. 

Spalding: Monday: investigate, therefore, before, pleasant, ability, appearance, atmospheric, atmosphere, autumn, canvas. Tuesday: ceiling, celery, salary, college, communities, community, creation, creative, created, create. Wednesday: concert, decided, decide, design, dictionary, elephant, everybody, frightened, frighten, grocery. We will test over all 30 words Friday morning. 

Poetry: This week we start Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow! I will be breaking down the poem into stanza's and assigning one to each student. Students will have 6 weeks, until the end of the quarter to memorize their section. 

History: We will have a unit test over the early colonial life on Tuesday. Pages covered are 165-179, with the study guide on pages 180-181 in our new history packets. As always, this test in history will be open notes, so students should take care to ensure their notebooks are complete and accurate. Thursday we will learn how the quarrel with Britain begins and the Stamp Act. 

Science: Monday students will get to build a volcano! On Wednesday students will learn about hot springs and geysers, and about the formation of volcanic and folded mountains.

Literature: We began reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch on Friday. Please make sure students bring in their copy as soon as possible. If your student does not have their own copy, please let me know so I can help them check one out of our library. 

Important Dates: 
Monday: Circle Test (math), Roots Check
Tuesday: History Test
Friday: Solid Figures Test (history), Spalding Test

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Athletic Field Day

Hello Families!

Athletic Field Day is Friday, January 31st from 8:30-11:00 for K-2 classes and from 12:00-2:30 for grades 3-5!  Each year classes are assigned a Greek City State for their team. This year, your child’s team is Thebes, and our team color is red. Your child may wear a plain red shirt (no logos) other than class section or Greek City State, athletic pants or shorts, and any athletic shoes.

There will be no school lunch offered on Athletic Field Day.  Please send your child to school with a lunch.

Volunteers Needed

4A Field Day- We need a few volunteers for class to help with donating a cooler and snacks.  Please sign up here to volunteer for our class.  

Classroom volunteers should check in at the front office before coming to the field or classroom.

If you do not want to volunteer, but would like to come and watch you are welcome to do that as well! Simply go straight to the field and there will be a place to check in there.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Quarter 3, Week 3

Hello Families! 

I hope that this long R & R weekend treats you well! My weekend plans include lots of reading, family time, home projects, and hopefully a hike on Monday! This upcoming week is short, but jam-packed! Kicking it off is the first field trip of the year, and the students all seem very excited, as am I!

What's going on in 4A
  • A few last minute notes about the field trip:
    • We will be leaving Tuesday morning by 8:30 and returning by noon. We will eat lunch at school when we return. We will continue with regular lessons Tuesday afternoon. 
    • Students have been told they are permitted to bring a camera or device for taking pictures, but they should not use that device for anything other than taking pictures. If they are using it for anything other than taking pictures I will take it and they will get it back at the end of the day. They will be responsible for keeping track of anything they bring with them. Students may bring a small bag/backpack/fanny pack to carry with them. 
    • There is a gift shop and students may bring money to spend there if they wish. Any money brought or items purchased is the responsibility of the student, not teachers or chaperones. 
  • We are running low on tissue boxes. Any donations are appreciated. 
  • We still have spots open in a number of our spring clubs. Below is a list of clubs with spots still available. Please go to to register for clubs! 
      • K-1 Art Club: Mondays
      • 2-3 Art Club: Tuesdays
      • 2-5 French Club: Fridays
      • 2-5 Sports Club: Mondays
      • 3-5 Science Club: Tuesdays
      • 3-5 Strings Club: Thursdays
      • 4-5 Art Club: Thursdays
      • 4-5 Choir Club: Tuesdays
Roots: We will have a roots check over the 4 roots learned this past week. We will learn 4 more this week. 

Math: We will learn about triangles this week, beginning Tuesday afternoon and continuing with triangles on Wednesday. We will do Khan Academy on Thursday, then test over triangles Friday. 

Poetry: We will have poetry recitations for "Concord Hymn" this week, beginning on Wednesday. 

Spalding: There will be no spalding on Tuesday, and we will do 15 words Wednesday, listed below. Thursday is review, and Friday is the test. 
opinion, onion, union, companion, million, behavior, believe, system, possibly, possible, piece, peace, certainly, certain, witness. 

History: This week students will write a short essay on the rights of the English. We will also be learning about the French and Indian War. 

Science: Students will learn about tectonic plate boundaries and earthquakes. There will be a quiz on Thursday. 

Literature: We finished reading Prince Caspian last week! Students will participate in a seminar discussing virtue and motives throughout Caspian on Wednesday. Thursday we will begin Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. Please send that in with your student by Thursday.

Important Dates
Tuesday: Field Trip
Thursday: Geology Quiz (Science)
Friday: Triangle Test (Math), Spalding Test 

Quarter 3, Week 8

What's going on in 4A This week we will have Galileo Testing on Wednesday, February 26 for math and Thursday, February 27 for ELA....