Friday, April 24, 2020

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week 6

Hello Families! 

I hope this week of online learning has gone well for you and your child! I feel like in our house, we are finally starting to find some sort of rhythm and balance to our days. I know many of you are also working from home, or out of the house, and trying to manage your child's learning as well-  this is no small task! I hope that each of you are finding balance and joy in these strange days. 

Blog Use
The fourth grades leads have made a joint decision to discontinue the weekly bog updates. Instead, going forward we will be utilizing the Stream feature in the Google Classroom home screen. 
Each week you can find the weekly goals by subject and the daily overview in the "Week __" topic posted each Friday afternoon. I will also send out emails when needed. 

Zoom Security
We will continue meeting twice a week for the remainder of the quarter. Our Monday meeting is focused community building, and our Thursday meeting is for math tutoring. 
I would like to let you know the security measures I have put in place to prevent unwanted visitors in our meetings. First, the Zoom links are not posted anywhere public, like this blog. The links will only be posted in our Google Classroom stream or sent out by email. 
Second, each meeting is password protected. Even if someone was able to hack into the meeting ID, they could not gain access without the password. It's worth noting that if you click on the direct link I send out, you will not need to enter the password. I have also enabled the waiting room so that I have to approve each meeting participant. Going forward, please be sure that your child's participant name is their first and last name. You can rename by opening the participant panel and right-clicking on your name. I will not admit any users with unfamiliar names, or names like i-Pad. Thank you for helping to keep our meetings safe! 
I have also disabled screen-share, chat, and recording for our meetings. To protect everyone's privacy, please do not allow your child to record any of the meetings using another device. 

Pass/Fail Grading
By now, everyone should have seen the 4-point grading rubric sent out by Mr. Gillingham. We will be using these guidelines to assess student work. 
There seems to be a lot of questions and confusion about the pass/fail grading for this quarter. I'd like to try to clarify this if I can.
Your child will not earn a grade for this quarter, I will simply assign the a "pass" or a "fail" at the end of the quarter. It IS possible for your child to fail the 4th quarter, if they score lower than 50% overall. However, this does not mean that they will fail the grade. No student will be eligible for retention based on their quarter 4 grades. 
It is important that your child complete the work with their best efforts to make sure they are prepared for 5th grade. If your child has not completed much work since spring break, when we return to school in the fall, they will struggle in 5th grade. The work we are giving is to prepare your child, the best we can under these conditions, so that they will excel next year. 
You can see your child's grades in you go into to Classwork - View Your Work. 
You can filter by Assigned, Returned With Grade, Missing.
Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week 5

Hello Families! 

We have a full week of learning ahead! I hope that you are finding Google Classroom easy to navigate and are falling into a rhythm with the remote learning! As always, please reach out if you are struggling. I am here to support you! 

Grading Work
Mrs. Baugh and I have been hard at work to read through and grade the your child's work! At this point, we have returned all week 1 and week 2 packets that have been turned in to us. All work is returned with comments throughout. You can see returned work by logging into Google Classroom: Classwork - View Your Work - Filters - Return with Grade. 
We will have the work from week 3 completed by this Friday 4/24.

Zoom Meetings
We will continue meeting on Monday and Thursday afternoons at 4:30. Monday's meeting are community building, while Thursday's meetings are math tutoring focused. If your student is joining us for Math tutoring on Thursday, please ensure they are prepared with paper, pencil, and any questions they have about the math work. Meeting invites have been sent out by email. 

Quiet Hours
Teachers will be observing quiet email hours after 4 PM each day. You are still free to email us any time that is convenient to you, but if it is after 4 PM I will respond the next day. I will still be responding to all emails within 24 hours. 

We had 26 students logging in to XtraMath last week! Way to go 4A!
Here is our current leaderboard:
Addition: Charlie C 98, Jonathan S 96, Ariella D 94
Subtraction: Jakob K 99, Ethan M 93, Bryson 92
Multiplication: Zoe R 62, Sydney H 48, Aden M 41
Well done! 

Math: Students will learn how to read and use a coordinate grid, as well as learning about changes in quantities. 
History: Students will complete the unit on the U.S. Constitution. We will then begin the study of America's early presidents. Students will learn about George Washington this week. 
Spalding: Students will learn and copy three new words each day, as well as practice ten phonograms each day. 
Literature: Students will continue reading The Wizard of Oz by reading chapters 8, 9, and 10 this week. Students will write 2 summaries that are 5-7 sentences long. 
XtraMath: Students should complete XtraMath once per day if possible. 
Independent Reading: Students will read a book of their choice for 20 minutes. History reading may count towards this time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Quarter 4, At- Home Learning Week 4

Hello Families!

Welcome to week 4 of at-home learning! We have a full week of learning ahead! All work from this week will be due by Monday 4/20. 

Due Dates
If you have not yet uploaded your student work for weeks 1 & 2, please do so as soon as possible. 
Work from last week is due today, 4/14. Please ensure that work is uploaded by end of day today if possible. Be sure that you click "turn in" after you have uploaded student work. If you know that you will not have it uploaded or if you are having problems, please reach out and let me know. 

Great job logging in and completing XtraMath this week- 23 students! Congratulations to Ben C & Sylvie W  for leveling up in the past week!
Here is our leader-board:
Addition: Charlie C 95, Jonathan S 95, Elizabeth G 93
Subtraction: Zoe R 98, Aden M 97, Jakob K 94
Multiplication: Sydney H 55

Zoom Calls
We will have our Zoom tutoring session on Thursday at 1:30. This call is focused on helping students with math. Please ensure students are prepared by having their materials and questions ready. I will post the link in our Google Classroom and send it by email. 

Week 4 Lessons
Math: Students will learn how to apply dividing with decimals to word problems on
Tuesday and Wednesday. They will have a review of dividing with decimals on
Thursday. On Friday, students will have a review of prior content.
Science: Students will read about the circulatory system each day and complete an
assignment after the reading.
Grammar: Students will be introduced to new grammar content (relative pronouns and
relative adverbs, correlative conjunctions, quotes, and regular and irregular verbs).
Following each introduction, students will answer questions from the material
Spalding: Students will learn and copy three new words each day. They will then practice
ten phonograms each day.
Literature: Students will read independently or read along with audio of the assigned chapter of that day. Students will write a detailed summary of the chapter from the previous day (or
same day) noting important characters and events. Students should write a 5-7 sentence

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week 3

Hello Families!

We are now entering our third week of remote learning! I have so enjoyed getting to talk to your students on the phone and see their faces during our Zoom meetings! I hope that you all are finding a new normal and establishing new routines as a family.

Google Classroom
By now, you all should have received the email from the office with instructions for logging into Google Classroom. I expect there to be a learning curve with this new format- both for students and myself- so we have pared down the amount of content this week. Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing the site, or if you have any questions! We will be utilizing Google Classroom for the remainder of the year. 

Zoom Meetings
I have added an "assignment" for our Zoom meetings on Monday and Thursday next week. The login information can be found in the assignment. I will also be sending out the login information via email. 

R & R Weekend
April 10-13 is a well-earned long R&R Weekend! There will be no school or Zoom meetings scheduled for April 10th or 13th, so the next two weeks are only 4 day weeks. 

Great job to the following students for working hard on XtraMath this week! 
Ethan M, Zoe R, Aden M, Payton S, Payten A, Bryson F, Jonathan S, Sylvie W, Kayla B, Halle B

XtraMath Leaders:
Addition: Jonathan S 97, Sylvie W 97, Iris B 96
Subtraction: Landon A 94, Jakob K 92, Ethan M 91
Multiplication: Sydney H 52

Math: Students will practice word problems and dividing with decimals. Students should complete XtraMath each day. If you have not yet enrolled your child, please do so at this at time. Let me know if you need the login information re-sent to you. 
History: Students will read selected chapters and answer questions. 
Science: There will be no science this week. 
Writing: Students will answer writing prompts from the history unit with a one-paragraph essay using proper grammar and spelling. 
Grammar: There will be no grammar this week. 
Spalding: Students will copy the words once with syllable breaks, rules, and markings while watching the video. They will then copy the words two more times with syllable breaks only. Then students will practice phonograms. 
Literature: Students will read chapter 5 this week- half a chapter each day. Students will also write a 5-7 sentence chapter summary, noting important events and characters.  
Free Reading: Students will read a book of their choice, independently for at least 20 minutes. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week 2

Hello Families!

It was so good to get to touch base with a lot of you this week! I appreciate the feedback you've provided about the packets- it has been very positive overall. Remember that it should only be taking your student around 2 hours, with additional reading time, to complete the work. If it is taking much longer than that, please reach out and let me know. 

At- Home Learning
This coming week we will be learning at home with another packet. There will be a packet A & packet B- one will have only the materials that will be written on, to make it easier if you are printing out the packet at home. Many of you have asked, and I am sure the rest are wondering, about how the packets will be turned in. We are still formulating a turn-in procedure, and I will let you know as soon as we have that finalized. For now, please hang on to the packet and keep it safe. 

Next week, we will transition to Google Classroom. For now, I just want to let you know about this upcoming change. There will be much more information coming this week with the specifics about what that will look like and how that will work. 

Please have your student practice their math facts with XtraMath daily. If your child has not yet enrolled to do XtraMath at home, you should have received an email with the information needed to do that. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need that information again. 
Students can also log in to Khan Academy for extra math practice if desired. Again, please let me know if you need that log in information for your child.

XtraMath Leaders
In our classroom I keep a list of the top 3 students under each operation on our whiteboard, and I want to continue that here!

Addition: Iris B 96, Charlie C 95, Ben C 93
Subtraction: Landon A 94, Jakob K 92, June H 91
Multiplication: Sydney H 52
Masters: Aaron A, Jayda K
Well done all!

Connecting Through Video
Make sure to like and follow our Archway Arete Facebook page! Mrs. Mason is giving the morning announcements each morning at 7:52 am, many days there are videos from various teachers at 10:00 am, and Mr. Gillingham has been reading The Phantom Tollbooth and sharing his art with us at 1:30 each day. If you do not catch the live video, you are able to go back and watch it as a video later.  

Next week, I will host 2 Zoom video chats for our class- Monday and Thursday at 1:30pm! This will be optional, but I would love to get to say hi and chat with the kiddos! I will send meeting invitations out by email.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week One!

Hello Families!

This week your child will be working through an at-home work packet. In creating it, the 4th grade team tried to do so with the idea that your child would be able to do it independently. However, I’m sure there will be parts that you may need to support them on—especially math if they can’t remember how to solve certain problems. However, please know that what we are looking for next week is effort on your child’s part.
The packet was sent to you digitally Friday by the front office staff. If your family has opted for a physical copy, Mr. Gillingham has sent out directions on how to receive that packet Monday morning. If you fail to receive an email and are not picking up a copy Monday, please let me know, and I will happily email you a copy. 

I wanted to let you know that next week, Mrs. Baugh or I will be reaching out to you via phone. We want to make sure we are staying in close communication with you and your child during this time going forward. Next week, Mrs. Baugh will call half the class, and I will call the other half. If the school closings run longer, we will alternate back and forth. Mrs. Baugh's number is 480-331-8711 . My phone number is 480-630-9618. The conversations will likely be short. Our goal is just to touch base, let you know we are here to help, and possibly to have a conversation with your child to help maintain that personal relationship. 
If you have a question or concern, please feel free to call myself or Mrs. Baugh for help and/or clarification. Please call during regular school hours, 8-3. If we are not available, please leave a message and we will call you back at our earliest convenience. You can also email at any time, and we can respond via email or you can request a phone call in response. 

Additional Resources
Below are some additional resources. The first one is the Great Hearts Coronavirus page. I expect any important information regarding school closures and procedures to be addressed on this page. If you have any questions right now, check out the FAQ on that page. Next is Khan Academy. Your child should know their login information. If they don’t, let me know and I will send that to you. This is an additional resource for your child. They are not expected to do this in addition to the packet. Xtra Math is something they have done for much of the year. I’ve sent home flyers so students can do this at home as well. If you need a flyer with your child’s specific login information, please let me know. Typing Quest is an online typing program that they have used this year. They need to use the specific url I’ve provided. If they can’t remember their username and password, let me know. I’ve also linked LibriVox, which has many audiobooks for books that are in the public domain. I wouldn’t let your child just go searching for books because they have books for both children and adults. 

Math: This week, students will spend time reviewing concepts they have already learned this year. The first worksheet for each day is a math facts review worksheet. The next page is four word problems. We recommend that students use bar models to help them solve these. The third page is the more difficult of the three pages. This is a collection of different kinds of problems the students have worked on this year. Students will have math work every day of the week. 

History: In history, students will be covering the first two chapters of the unit on the United States Constitution. The first chapter, “The Idea of Self Rule,” is followed by a page of fill in the blank and short answer questions. The second chapter, “New Constitutions for the States,” follows the same pattern. This week, students will only have history on Monday and Thursday. 

Writing: For writing, students will take the information that they learned in history by reading the pages and answering the questions to formulate a response to two writing prompts. Monday’s writing prompt is “Jefferson’s third important idea about government was ‘If the people do not give their consent that the government can have this or that power, then the government does not have it.’ What does this mean? Do you agree or disagree? What powers should the government have, and how does this relate to the idea of ‘Limited Government’? Please answer in at least 5-7 sentences.” Thursday’s writing prompt is “What does the word ‘democracy’ mean? Did the individual states create a true democracy as a model for their state constitutions? Why or why not? Please answer in at least 5-7 sentences with examples from the text.” Students should take the information from the readings and develop their own answers to these questions. This week, students will only have writing on Monday and Thursday. 

Spalding: In Spalding this week, students will learn two new words a day Monday through Thursday. They will write the word three times with syllable breaks. For example, for the word chorus, they will write “cho rus” three times. They will then write a sentence using that word. The sentence should demonstrate an understanding of the word’s meaning. A poor sentence would be, “The word chorus starts with a c.” A good sentence would be, “The school chorus sang during our spring concert.” After learning the two new words, there are phonograms for that day. It is recommended that a parent help with these. On Friday, the assignment is to write a new sentence that demonstrates an understanding of the words’ meanings for all of the words. 

Literature: Students will read the first two chapters of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz this week. Both chapters are in the packet, but students may use their own copies of the book if you have it. On Monday, students will read and annotate the first chapter, “The Cyclone.” We recommend that the child annotate the chapters as they read because they will be expected to write a summary on the following day. Thus, on Tuesday, the students will write a summary of chapter one. On Wednesday, students will read and annotate chapter two, “The Council with the Munchkins.” On Thursday, students will write a summary of chapter two. On Friday, the students will read a story called, “The Blind Men and the Elephant.” Following their reading of the story, they will answer three review questions in complete sentences. 

Reading Comprehension: Each day, the lessons end with a reading comprehension worksheet. These are worksheets that your child has been doing throughout the year. 

Science: The science lesson for the week will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The students will be reading articles on content that we have already covered, so these lessons will be both review and extensions of the content they have already been assessed on. Following each article are some multiple-choice questions. The Tuesday lesson also includes some short answer questions, which should be answered in complete sentences and vocabulary review. At the end of each science lesson is a matching exercise on past content to help students retain the lessons they studied earlier this year. 

Grammar: The grammar lessons will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The grammar lessons for this week are paragraph edits that require students to read an error-filled paragraph to find and correct the mistakes.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Packet Updates

Hello Families!

Thank you all for your patience and grace as we work through what this new school format looks like. None of this is ideal and I really miss being in a classroom with your children! We are all doing the best we can in a not-so-great situation. Mrs. Baugh and I will be reaching out to families with a phone call early next week, just to check in and chat with your kiddos!

Today you should be receiving access to a digital copy of the packet of work for next week. This is coming from the Ms. Pati in the front office. You can also expect an email from Mr. Gillingham with details about the distribution of the hard copy of the packet at some point on Monday. If you chose to print the packet at home, please know that you only need to print out the pages to be written on if you'd like; the reading may be done on the computer. 

The packet will be broken down by daily work. You can expect your child to have approximately 2 hours of work each day, with an additional 30 minutes of free reading time. I will be available to help and answer any questions that may arise. 
You can reach me at 480-630-9618 and Mrs. Baugh at 480-331-8711.

Our kids take their cues from the adults in their life, and I know you are all doing your best to lead your children well during this time. I hope that your homes are filled with fun, reading, drawing, baking, and crafting! I hope that we are all able to embrace this slow-down and appreciate the extra family time. If there is anything that I can do to help support you and your child during this time, please let me know. 

Quarter 4, At-Home Learning Week 6

Hello Families!  I hope this week of online learning has gone well for you and your child! I feel like in our house, we are finally sta...